The Global Leadership Lab Network helps leaders make an impact.

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Global Leadership Lab is a prototype of a new form of organization: A place where connecting heads, hearts, and hands is encouraged — where each individual can be and become fully human, and where we can integrate the wisdom and will to translate our wildest dreams into reality.

We believe that it is time to think big, feel big, and play big. It is time to integrate our deepest love and care with our professional activities — to put our whole selves in service of something larger than anything we can imagine or accomplish on our own.

The Global Leadership Lab formed to accelerate large scale systemic change through leadership and project development that enhances collaboration and innovation for a thriving world.

We see a connection between the need for our deep personal development as leaders and the complexity of the challenges facing us on the planet at this time. At Global Leadership Lab Network events, we connect more deeply to ourselves, to each other, and to the wider global community in order to scale work for the greater good. In a collaborative environment, we innovate with real time projects.

Global Leadership Lab Network membership is by invitation. If you are interested in joining the community, please contact us and introduce yourself!